October Holiday Programme

Sept 28 - Oct 2

Annual General Meeting

SAVE the DATE: Monday evening, October 5th more details to come...

Celebrate Our Father's Day

Sunday 6th September 12.30pm -3.30pm Potluck lunch at 12.30pm (bring a plate) then a free concert at 2pm. More details at reception.

Special Kids & Families Playgroup

A new playgroup for parents of preschool children diagnosed with ASD, Aspergers or ADHD. Every Wednesday 12.30 -2.30pm in the functions rooms $2 per family. All Welcome.

Mingalaba Newsletter

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Welcome to St Columba…


We are a community of people from all walks of life and backgrounds 
who together share in the highs and lows, doubts and fears, 
hopes and dreams for our lives, families and communities. 


If you are looking for a place to belong, grow, recover and serve,
you'll find a warm welcome home at St Columba." 




Are you stressing, getting from here to there?

Wondering whether it's worth it?

Wishing for a better way?


There is, hear the invitation:


The Lord says, "Plough new ground for yourselves,

plant righteousness, and reap the blessings.

It is time for you to seek the LORD,

and he will come and pour out blessings upon you."

Hosea 10:12

































Andrew's Moderator's Blog

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Pastoral Care

For pastoral care needs please contact Matt Chapman, our assistant minister, through the church office.

Need Prayer?

Email prayerchain @stcolumba.org.nz

OP Shop Hours

Wed/Thurs/Fri from 9am-12.30pm
Serving our community by supplying quality second hand clothing & bric-a-brac at reasonable prices.

Find us

We are at 480 Ti Rakau Drive, Botany Downs, Auckland.

Our postal address is

PO Box 64 136 Botany Downs, Auckland 2163

Phone: 274 4864

Email: office@stcolumba.org.nz

You can access the Church from Ti Rakau Drive or from Tiger Drive.

Location of St Columba Presbyterian Church, 480 Ti Rakau Dr, Botany, Auckland, New Zealand